Pre & Post Rehabilitation Massage in Downtown Toronto

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Pre and post rehabilitation massage places strong emphasis on creating individually tailored physical therapy massages that work to rehabilitating injuries and preventing re-injury. We will analyze and assess the range of our clients’ conditions and pinpoint what is disabling them – whether it is a minor ache and pain to multi-trauma motor vehicle accident injuries to post-surgical rehabilitation.

Doing pre and post rehabilitation massage can help alleviate soft tissue discomfort associated with the trauma. Some discomfort could be whiplash injuries, sports injuries, back/neck pain, arthritic conditions etc. The primary goal of pre and post rehabilitation massage is to help your body return back to its original and healthier state.

Pre-Rehabilitation Massage

This is common before some surgical procedures, in order to help and strengthen the body before the surgery to reduce the length of recovery time after the surgery. This helps strengthen the affected area and better prepare it for the stress it will endure.

Post Rehabilitation Massage

This is done to increase strength and flexibility to try and get the affected area to return to how it was before the injury. Massage therapy will help increase the blood circulation, relax the muscles and help the body pump more oxygen and nutrients into the affected area, therefore enhancing the healing process.

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How often should you go for a pre and post rehabilitation massage?

This depends on each individual, but typical for pre-rehabilitation, it is best to go ahead of time before the surgery/upcoming trauma to ensure you get the full benefits of the massage and the proper strength in the muscles. For post rehabilitation, that depends on the doctor and how extensive the healing and strengthening process will need to be.

Benefits of Pre and Post Rehabilitation Massage

  • It can help you heal faster
  • Provides short term comfort, as well as long term comfort
  • Implementation of a program that will maximize strength and range of motion before and after surgery/trauma

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