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Even if you go to the gym regularly and maintain a rigorous healthy diet, it can be hard to lose those extra pounds that just won’t go away. If that is the case, acupuncture might be able to help you lose those extra few pounds. Acupuncture is a therapeutic treatment that can help release endorphins in the body and regulates the flow of Qi (sometimes referred to as metabolic function) in the body, and helps balance it.

If you need help deciding if acupuncture will help with weight loss, it is advised that you consult your practitioner and go over the root of the problem. This will involve discussing the reason behind your weight problem, whether it is physiological (slow metabolism, thyroid issues or menopause) or behavioral (such as binge eating).

Acupuncture can help with both physiological and behavioral weight loss problems.

How often do you get acupuncture for weight loss?

For weight loss, generally the treatment lasts for about 15 to 30 minutes per session. Depending on the person, sessions can be as often as weekly or every couple of weeks. However, how fast a patient will see results depends largely on what else they do aside from the acupuncture, and how often they go for treatment. For optimal results, it is highly recommended that patients maintain both a healthy diet and a consistent exercise plan on top of acupuncture sessions. With this, results will be seen quicker.

Generally, a full course treatment will be effective in helping achieve weight loss. This is typically done with 10 treatments delivered over a couple of weeks. This will vary on each individual.

The treatment itself is relatively pain free, and has been reported to be a relaxing one.

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How does acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine) help treat weight loss?

After the initial consultation where the root cause of your weight problem is identified, your acupuncturist will help come up with the correct treatment plan for you. This consists of choosing the targeted acupuncture points in the body that will help reduce cravings and appetite, as well as stimulating and balancing the appropriate hormones.

For weight loss specifically, acupuncturists focus on the ear to stimulate weight loss. In acupuncture, the out ear represents the entire body, so stimulating key points on the outer ear will help reduce appetite and stimulate metabolism.

Acupuncture can influence two hormones:

  1. Ghrelin: the hormone that controls meal initiation.
  2. Leptin: the hormone that regulates fat storage and metabolism.

By focusing on stimulating those two hormones, acupuncture can help curb appetite and quell cravings, while also boosting metabolism and improving digestion.

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