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Pain is never comfortable, especially chronic pain. In fact, dealing with constant pain in the muscles and joints is hard, and it makes sense to seek all types of treatment to try and ease it, from ice and heat to physical therapy. However, sometimes that doesn’t help ease the pain. Another viable option that has a good reputation in treating pain is acupuncture.

Acupuncture treatments for pain is popular because there are minimal complications and there are rarely any side effects, especially in comparison with medication therapy. Acupuncture is done by inserting hair-thin needles at specific points in the body and it is said to help naturally induce neurotransmitters and hormone levels with the purpose of easing pain.

How often do you get acupuncture for pain treatment?

The duration and length of the treatment session varies on the individual, but typically weekly treatments are recommended until you start seeing the benefits of it. Then the time between each visit gradually lengthens.

Sometimes, people will experience immediate relief in the first treatment. However, if the pain is chronic or long-standing, one or two treatments per week for several months is recommended. The duration and length of the treatments typically gets determined after the initial consultation with the acupuncturist.

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How does acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine) help treat pain?

Acupuncture has helped treat a variety of pain from low back pain, nerve pain, headaches, menstrual cramps and more! The insertion of fine needles into specific points at the body helps release endorphins, the natural pain killer chemical and increases serotonin (a natural mood booster hormone). This process will help invoke the body’s natural healing response in a physiological way and will help temporarily and hopefully permanently ease pain.

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