According to Canadian Chiropractic Association, many Canadian office works suffer from chronic repitive strain injuries due to daily office rutines. Although some of the office daily tasks may look simple, they can be added physical, emotional, and metal stress to your health.

These tips will decrease workplace repetitive strain injuries :

  • Position your monitor directly in front of you at your vision level, avoid bending your neck to look down to your computer screen. If your monitor is too low, place a couple of thick books under it to make it at your eye level.
  • When you use a telephone, use your hand to support it againts your ear and alternate sides regularly. Do not cradle the phone between your ear and your shoulder. You may want to consider using a headset or speaker.
  • You office chair should be in an optimal position – your knee are bent at approximately a 90-degree angle when your feet are flat on the floor and adjust the backrest forwards and backwards as well as up and down until it fits the hollow in your lower back.
  • Lastly, make sure to take a quick stretch break or change position every 30 to 45 minutes.