Everyone can admit car accidents are dangerous, but motorcycle accidents take the danger up to another level. Motorcycle riders are more exposed to the outdoor elements, and because of that exposure, motorcycle accidents are different from car accidents.

Motorcycles lack the protective attributes that come with the motor vehicle, which only increases the risk of injuries. One of the only protective measures against injuries for motorcyclists is the helmet – and some riders don’t even put theirs on. When a motorcyclist decides against wearing a helmet, they also increase their risk of serious injury to themselves.

Unfortunately, even if a rider has countless years of experience under their belt, and wear all the necessary safety gear before going on a motorcycle, the risk of injury is still higher than when driving a car. Chiropractors can help motorcyclists get back into the game as soon as possible with a customized treatment plan to each individual’s injuries.

There are several types of common motorcycle accident injuries that chiropractors treat. Some of these injuries are:


Because of the exposed elements on a motorcycle, whiplash can occur at the lowest of speeds. Any riders involved in an accident should receive treatment immediately, regardless if they have whiplash or other injuries. A natural recovery from whiplash can take several months or more – even leading to permanent damage. Undergoing chiropractic care for whiplash can help increase the range of motion and reduce pain in a shorter time span.

Leg and/or Foot Injury

This includes injuries to the legs or feet. Some examples of these types of injuries are sprains and strains, fractures and road rash, all of which are common consequences during a motorcycle accident. In fact, leg and foot injuries are the most common types of injuries for non-fatal motorcycle accidents.

Hip/Pelvic Misalignment 

Any traumatic impact to the hips and pelvis can cause lasting pain and misalignment. A chiropractor will be able to help realign your hips and use other treatments to provide pain relief over the course of several sessions.

Back Injuries

One of the main areas of the body that is exposed during a motorcycle accident are the spine and muscles in the back. Motorcyclists have increased chances of suffering from a fracture, spinal misalignment, a herniated or slipped disc and more. Chiropractors will be able to use various treatments such as spinal adjustment to help alleviate any back pain and injuries.

Rider’s Arm

Rider’s arm is an injury that is tailored only to motorcycle riders. This injury occurs when a motorcyclist draws their hand out in front of them in instinct in order to attempt to lessen the impact of the hit. Unfortunately, this impact is usually strong enough to damage the rider’s shoulder, arm and hand. A chiropractor can help set in a treatment plan that will help increase the rider’s mobility, strength and range of motion in their arm.

These are just the few common types of motorcycle injuries that chiropractor’s treat after accidents. If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident and experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, do not hesitate in calling a chiropractor near you.