In recent years there has been a shift in office culture and design, with many companies around the world shifting away from the standard cubicle style desk spaces to open concept work areas with standing work stations.

With Canadians working more hours and the increasing demands placed on us outside of work by childcare and eldercare responsibilities, maintaining a healthy work-life balance often means that we are spending more of our time on our feet standing, walking and sometimes running between the office and the home settings.  Without proper footwear and foot care, many people will develop foot and heel pain as a result.  Consequently, one common condition that we see here at the [Clinic] is Plantar Fasciitis.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of the Plantar Fascia, a ligament that attaches from the heel of the foot to the toes.  This ligament helps to maintain the arch of the foot.  When it becomes inflamed, you may experience pain at the bottom of your foot.  This pain is typically worse when you first step onto your foot in the morning, and it gets progressively worse throughout the day as you spend more time on your feet.  The pain is usually a strong aching type of pain that limits your ability to walk.

How Can We Help?

Although pain from Plantar Fasciitis can significantly affect your ability to walk, an individualized treatment program from a Registered Physiotherapist that includes massage, therapeutic exercise, modalities, footwear modification, orthotics, taping, and an analysis of foot biomechanics can get you back to your daily routine without pain!  In fact, studies have shown that 90-95% of people with this condition recover with conservative treatment.  If you are currently experiencing heel pain, or would like to prevent this condition from occurring, come in for an evaluation today!