Whether you’re recently sustained injuries or you’ve had a build up of injury to an area of your body such as your back, neck and shoulders – manual therapists are there to help alleviate the pain.

Here are some things to know about the different processes that can lead to similar results:

Chiropractors use assessment tests and x-ray scans to find information about the problem areas. They are concerned with misalignment of joints, bones and the spine and believe that their positioning can contribute to the cause of injury.

They work in 5-10 minute increments across multiple sessions. Initially you may be asked to come twice a week for three weeks, but afterward, the frequency will decrease as progress sets in.

Their goal is to manipulate and move the affected area back into the proper alignment to free up nerve subluxations – or blockages in flow – and this improves and alleviates pain.

Types of conditions Chiropractors can help with:


Physiotherapy sessions can typically go for 30 minutes. Physiotherapists tend to assess problem areas using standard orthopedic tests.

A typical session can include hands-on techniques and a combination of modalities such as soft-tissue work, manual therapy, neurokinetic therapy, and acupuncture to improve cell flow.

Going twice a week for 8 sessions is typically how physiotherapy is distributed on the patient. Physiotherapists also prescribe home exercises to support your progress between sessions.

Physiotherapy works to decrease pain by increasing strength in problem areas, increasing blood flow and mobility, and improving cardiorespiratory function.

Types of people it can help:

Both of these types of therapists know the human body deeply and look at it from very connected perspectives. Their key difference is their origins. Chiropractic is concerned with the manipulation of the nerves to increase flow, while Physiotherapy is more concerned with massage and rehabilitation through exercise.

Some of the conditions they work with overlap and ultimately, talking to your doctor will give you a perspective on what is best for you depending on the origin of your pain.

Keeping up with exercises always increases your chances of maintaining your progress.

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