Chronic pain is any serious pain that lasts for a long time, and the majority of people begin to experience some form of it as they grow older. If you are reading this, then chances are you’ve been experiencing pain and have heard how a visit to the chiropractor can help make you feel better. The Clinic wants you to know that you are not alone. Here the most common types of chronic pain:

Chronic back pain

Your back is responsible for so much heavy lifting each day that it is normally the first area where people begin to experience issues. The majority of our patients at our Toronto chiropractic clinic complain of some kind of pain in their back. It could be from years of hard work, rigorous exercising, or even sleeping the wrong way. It could even just be from aging. Your shooting pains or soreness can be treated, though.

Chronic neck pain

The next most frequent pain that we encounter in our patients is chronic neck pain. The neck might not need to do heavy lifting like your back, but it does come under a lot of stress each day. Some of the most common causes of chronic neck pain are:

If you have it, we want you to know that it is something that a lot of people go through, and that you have options.

Chronic knee pain

Your knees bear the brunt of the stress put on your body every day from walking, and even just standing up puts a lot of strain on the joint. This means that it will wear down over time and begin to cause nagging pains. Aside from posture and degenerative issues, constant pressure and lack of stretching before and after exercise will contribute to knee pains as your grow older.

Here at the Clinic, we treat a lot of patients with chronic pains that come to us looking for relief. With our soothing hands, we can help the pains go away. These are the most common types of chronic pain that we treat here. If you are experiencing them, our chiropractic treatment can help you.