Pregnancy and back pain seem to almost go hand in hand. Pregnancy can put a huge toll on your body, and carrying weight in the front ensures that your back gets more than its fair share of the pressure. The pain can continue through the labor process, and even after birth. All of this shows that it is important to take care of your back throughout your pregnancy. At the [clinic], we understand the unique pressures that your body is going through and can assist you as you physically adjust.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely! Chiropractic care is common during pregnancies, and many women seek our services to help ease pain or assist the body’s natural adjustment process. We are trained to be sensitive to the unique needs of pregnant patients, and of course we remain in constant communication with you to understand your personal needs. Our caring professionals are there to support you and make the process more comfortable, from conception to childbirth.

Should I Ask My Family Doctor?

Asking a family doctor about your particular situation is always a good idea. Additionally, we are experts in our field and will modify our treatment to suit your needs during each visit. We will monitor your body’s changes to ensure your comfort and safety.

During Labour

Be sure to ask us how we can help you make your birthing process easier. We can discuss breathing, posture and position, as well as any other concerns that you may have. Your back and pelvis have a large role to play during labour, and chiropractic care can help you prepare, keep your body in optimum shape, and alleviate concerns beforehand.

After Labour

After the baby is born, we can still help you maintain a healthy body. We can assist with the recovery process, just as we helped with the pregnancy.