Our bodies are far from perfect. With how stressful work and life get it is no surprise that we get aches and pains from time to time. The stress of our daily life, in addition to the natural progression of aging also plays a large role in how our bodies feel.

Many people need skilled hands to help treat their bodily aches, and with a few visits to the right chiropractor, you will notice improvement in your situation. These are the most common conditions that respond to the treatment of a chiropractor.

Lower back pain

Our backs carry a heavy load. Not only do they work hard when we lift objects, but they also play a large part in our mobility. On top of that, sitting for extended periods of time can put a big strain on the back’s muscles and nerves. Lower back pain is the second most common pain among adults. Our specialists can treat your lower back pain whether it is acute or chronic. Chiropractic treatment is a natural, drug-free way to get rid of this nuisance.

Neck pain

The neck goes through a lot during an average day. Neck stress also occurs at night: If we don’t sleep with the proper form, a heavy burden can be placed on the neck. The joints and muscles in it are going to start aching after a while, especially as we age.  We use gentle techniques to sooth the muscles and joints and help to address the sources of the pain. Our controlled force does wonders in improving movement and relieving pain.

Hip pain

Another very common form of pain, hip pain can often be chronic and make life hard for those that suffer from it. They are such an important body part and bear the brunt of so much force that it is no surprise that our hips break down as we get older. They are the key component of walking and posture, and are the crux of our body’s ability to move.

The way that an experienced chiropractor can treat it is by first giving you a thorough examination and determining the source. We will perform adjustments, offer tips on posture, and help you with stretching. Anything it takes to get you back to normal.

Pain is an all too common thing that we have to deal with in life. As chiropractors, we are here to help do everything we can to get rid of it. Our skilled and gentle hands will work wonders for your aches. These are the most common types of pain that chiropractors treat. If you are experiencing these pains, know that you don’t have to keep living with them. Contact our clinic to set up an appointment today.

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